Former Kapamilya reporter Ira Panganiban hits GMA News for taking Duterte's expression "Lulo mo" expression in a wrong context

Once again, Duterte’s expression and choices of words during his SONA were used against him. One of which was how GMA News got lost in a translation of his Cebuano expression “Lulo mo”.

Ira Panganiban, a former Kapamilya reporter hits GMA News for taking the Cebuano expression “Lulo mo” in an out of context manner.  

In an article released by GMA News, it highlighted the president’s statement where he used the expression “Lulo” and that it means “masturbation” in Bisaya.

Ira explained that: (please see his full Facebook post below)

 “Lulo mo” in Bisaya means “useless” not masturbation. It comes from the phrase “tambalulu mo”. Lulo on its own means masturbate though. 

This is the problem with our nation. We have almost 100 independent dialects and our media people do not know the local or the evolved use of the terms.

Tayo talaga pinagtatawanan ng mga Bisaya dahil sila dila lang matigas, tayo sa Luzon ulo naman (pun intended).

Yes po, Bisaya nanay ko po.

(Edit update: Yung isang pinsan ko sabi puwede din dawn a “irritating” yung meaning, but definitely not masturbate in that context.)

Here are some reactions of those who read the post and how Cebuano-speaking netizens understood the said expression of the president;

Alredo V. Joaquin wrote: “Tambalolo is the main word here… mao jud ni ang sakto”.
Rommel Jay Orquiza said: “It also means wag ako or bolahin moa ng lelang mong panot…. In English, don’t me bwhahaha”

Miranda Onyx also said: “Naku sinadyan yan ng GMA para maging sensational na naman. Hindi naman talaga paghahatid ng balita ang ginagawa nyang mga yan. May bago pa ba?”

See Ow Ay commented: “Lulo mo” singular form ng “loslos mo” galing sa “tambaloslos” which means tarantado/gago/walang hiya


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