Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Robredo, a hands on mom after attending a "party in the USA"

photo of VP attending the FASO Gala / Left is on her daughter's apartment (ctto)

According to Rappler site, Vice President Leni Robredo flew to the United States last weekend to deliver her speech for the Filipino American Symphony Orchestra (FASO) Gala 2017.  It was also mentioned that the trip was sponsored by the said group.

After such, she “squeezed” in some mother duties as she also traveled to Boston and check on her eldest daughter, Aika and help her settle in on her new apartment.
"I had a speaking engagement in LA during the weekend and decided to fly to Boston right after to help Aika settle in. It was a very hectic two days for both of us as we fixed and cleaned her apartment inside the campus” she said on her public Facebook post.

"Except for a meeting with United Way Foundation this afternoon to explore a possible partnership with our Angat Buhay program, I was a full-time mother once again," Robredo also added.

On the other hand, Robredo was once again criticized by Filipinos for socializing while Marawi continues to burn. 

Photos of her wearing a beautiful blue gown in that party event circulated online and all smiles, is another reason for many netizens’ sparked outrage. 

According to FASO, the purpose of the event is to help “sustain concerts and music education programs” however, several guests denied it and that the event was really meant to fund the Vice President. 

Robredo is set to return to Manila on Thursday, June 22. 

Source: Rappler and