Saturday, May 13, 2017

Another heart-warming open letter to support Mocha

You don't have to like Mocha Uson and the rest of the Mocha Girls. You don't have to agree with the President's decision to appoint her for the PCOO. You don't have to listen to what she has to say or follow her brand of blogging or style of writing.
But please don't think that by demeaning her livelihood, by making fun of her profession, by belittling her honest means to make a living (because in case you all have forgotten, dancing and gyrating on stage or talking freely about sex ISN'T illegal you hypocritical prudes), by using her sexuality and career choice to attack her person makes YOU a better candidate to be PCOO Asec or simply a better human being altogether.

Would you say the same about a woman who works the stripper poles just to feed her kids? Or dances topless in order to pay for night school?
The woman wants to make a difference. Desires a life that doesn't just service her audience but a life of servitude to the people. She isn't perfect for sure. But who are you to make her feel like she doesn't deserve to dream and better herself or to serve what she feels is a higher purpose?
Instead of hating on her, why don't you all just help her? Instead of shaming her, why don't you encourage her?
F*cking crabs and fake feminists all around, shame on all of you. If my daughter were ever put in a position where she felt she needed to be a "racy dancer" to make a living, well I can only hope that she be the best goddamned sexy dancer this world has ever seen and in her spare time, rule this whole social media industry and create an empire to do good... the best way she knows how.
I will trust her heart to do that.

Source: Facebook