President Duterte: Stop Impeachment vs Leni

Thursday,  President Rodrigo Duterte calls out to supporters to stop the impeachment complaint against Vice President Leni Robredo after a six-minute video was sent to UN last week condemning the president's war against drugs. 

Photo from Manila Bulletin/Presidential Photo/Richard Madelo
"Lay off", Duterte told the reporters in a news conference upon his arrival from his visit to Thailand. He also reiterated to respect the Filipinos who also voted for Robredo.

“Look, you know, we just had an election. Guys, lay off. Let’s stop it. You can do other things but do not tinker with the structure of government. I will not countenance it,” Duterte said. 

“Elected `yang tao e [She was elected]. So why do you have to [impeach her]? Is it just because she keeps on harping on me? Hayaan mo [Let her be], this is a democracy, freedom of speech. There are no overt acts committed,” the president added.

However, despite the president's appeal to stop the complaint against Robredo, the group of lawyers led by his supporter Atty. Bruce Rivera,were unmoved. They will continue to build up the impeachment complaint against the Vice President for her "betrayal of public trust" because of the video message.

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