Duterte to support Gina Lopez and let go of P70 billion

During the inauguration of the People's Television (PTV) on Saturday in Baguio City, President Rodrigo Duterte expresses his full support to current Secretary of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Gina Lopez. 

Photo from mindation/Presidential photo by Karl Norman Alonzo

"We can live without it," the president said as he stressed out that he would rather keep Gina Lopez than the P70 billion being offered by the mining industry. 

“But one thing is very clear, Gina has the passion for it and she wants compliance. She never said she is going to close permanently the mining companies so ayusin mo lang in accordance with the law. It is not Gina who is imposing the laws and regulations. It’s the law and the environment, the need for the moment to improve everything here,” the president added. 

President Duterte also reiterated that Gina Lopez is just doing her job the way what a Cabinet member should do. 

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