Wednesday, March 8, 2017

DLSU Professor about #NagaLeaks: Someone must be in a state of panic

Dela Salle University Professor Antonio Contreras tackled Naga Leaks on his latest article in Manila Times. 

According to him, Leni Robredo's supporters can belittle the impact of Naga Leaks but they can never deny that it created a devastating dent on Jesse Robredo image as a public figure.

Furthermore, the shut down of the Facebook Page "We are Collective" which published #NagaLeaks seems like someone must be in a state of panic. Netizens are now asking,  if indeed, the expose has no truth in it, why do they need to took "We are Collective" down?

Professor Contreras also noted that it took days for Leni to give a weak denial about the leaks presented by "We are Collective".

"Jesse’s memory was being attacked, and Leni’s initial response was to say that such could not silence her. This response betrayed her as a woman who is more interested in protecting her political investments, than fiercely defending her husband’s name and honor." - Professor Antonio Contreras. 

Photo from the Office of the Vice President / taken from Inquirer