Sunday, March 26, 2017

De Lima: "Silent majority" getting frustrated with Duterte administration

In a handwritten note, detained Senator, Leila De Lima concluded that there seemed to be a "silent majority" who where frustrated over Duterte's governance and obsession with drugs.

On Friday, a group of elderly parishioners from a church near Camp Crame came to visit De Lima complaining about the government.

"To my amazement, they came across well-versed on the goings on in our country. With unsophisticated candor, they talked about Duterte’s rudeness. His cursing, his dark psychology and obsession with drugs, while neglecting other urgent concerns such as the economy, jobs and traffic," says De lima in her letter.

In another note, she also said " I am their problem. I am their curse. Those evil elements who orchestrated this grand travesty of justice foisted upon me must now be shaking on their knees."

Since 2016, De lima never stopped criticizing the Duterte administration. She has been vocal about the government's anti-drug war and of the Extra Judicial Killings being thrown to president Rodrigo Duterte. 

photo from Philstar/AP, Bullit Marquez