Sunday, March 26, 2017

A writer and fierce supporter of Duterte posted an open letter to Leni

By: Krizette Laureta- Chu


Most of us do not purposely create our legacies. We live our lives, follow our hearts, try to bravely do what our hearts tell us, and when we die, we are remembered by the collection of stories and memories that make up our lives.

Leni Robredo is too shortsighted to realize that, in her increasingly futile attempt to install herself as the President of the Philippines, her legacy will be of shame. She leaves her children and her children's children with a family name that they cannot be proud of. "The granddaughter of the usurper?" "Without her, we would have had more achievements as a country."

I am sure many politicians before her have tried to power grab--after all this is politics--but they did so with flair and subtlety and grace and cunning. Leni Robredo has none of that. She is the political equal of a literary fishwife: In your face, dramatic, stupid, annoying.

Leni Robredo wears LVs and Fendis, and tries to market herself as decent, upmarket, the choice for the glitterati, but there is nothing decent or classy about her.  She is not graceful nor articulate nor empowered nor magnetic nor charming. She is not even well dressed, despite all the high-fashion and luxury brands, not that it matters. She is important to the Liberal Party because of these very same qualities: She is so devoid of her own personality and convictions, she is an empty vassal that can be filled by her bosses' ideals. She is a clean slate, and on Leni they can pour their plans, dreams, and evil aspirations. The second highest official in the land as tabula rasa, a clay that can be molded to their liking--this is the best thing ever. No wonder the LP is fighting hard to keep her there.

She is too shortsighted to see she is overwhelmingly hated. If I were a politician and people PAID actual money--money they worked hard to earn (unlike her oligarch-backed party, the donations come from workers who count every penny, not Marcos that I am sure of, despite her blind insistence and denial)--to see me get impeached, I would die of shame and embarassment. She must, truly she must, know that her approval rating is in the single digits. She must know that 9 out of 10 Filipinos are happier now. Every day the Duterte government adds more notches to its belt. Investors are coming. And yet she insists we are suffering. How in the world are these information not getting inside that tepid brain of hers?

People keep harping that it is Duterte who has a Messiahnic complex. Wrong. A lady who willfully ignores the people's happiness and insists they are miserable, and offers to step in as a wonderful alternative, she not only has a Messiahnic complex, she has delusions of grandeur. She and her little republic of maybe 100,000 supporters can have their own little kingdom, situated inside a bubble which they never got out of.

Leni Robredo, wake up and smell the hatred. You don't want your "legacy" this way. You do not want to be remembered as the public official who blocked her dissenters (finally, I am included in the rarefied list); the symbol of women who allowed themselves to be used by powerful, evil men; one of the few people charged to have tried to delay the much-needed progress the Philippines sorely need.

If you died tomorrow, Leni, how will the majority of Filipinos you claim you want to serve remember you?

A little introspection will make you realize that you would not like the answer.