Sunday, January 8, 2017

Viral:#LeniLeaks. What is this?

I have been wondering what is this new trending hashtag #LeniLeaks? As curious as I am, I went on research mode and found out that something broke out and now like a virus, spreading on social media.

There were leaked emails from the members of Global Filipino Diaspora Council that includes the billionaire Fil-American and anti Duterte, Loida Lewis. These email screenshots are now spreading online. I have seen the first post by "Thinking Pinoy" last Friday. 

photo from TP
The conversation is a clear evidence that Leni Robredo together with Loida Lewis and her allies abroad are plotting against the president. Isn't it an act of treason?

Since then, it caught the netizens interest. However, the mainstream media are all  silent about it. Why oh why?  Maybe this is not trending enough for them.