Saturday, January 14, 2017

VIRAL: Sensational and most powerful political photo

A selfie photo taken by the president's right hand, Bong Go has now gone viral in social media.

In a post of host/writer, Franco Mabanta, he described this photo as "powerful, elegant and lyrical". The said photo was taken inside President Duterte's home in Davao while eating bean soup and rice cakes with Japan's Prime Minister and his wife. 

The Prime Minister's visit is accompanied with P426.3 billion help from Japan. The said visit is an opportunity to strengthen the friendship between two countries. And that, this photo shows it all, the president's charm and genuine personality sealed the beginning of good a relationship.

On the same post of Mabanta, he included some news that mainstream media did not cover. Here are the details.

 ASIA WEEKLY, Hong Kong's top magazine and widely considered the Time of Asia, named Duterte the 2016 Person Of The Year for having "changed the balance of power in the largest and most diverse continent on earth".
CNN International (a predominantly anti-Duterte network) named the Philippine leader Asia's Big Winner In 2016.
JAPAN TIMES, its nation's leading publication, gave its Asia's Best Year accolade to Duterte for his "unconventional moves that seem to be a harbinger of things to come. Rodrigo Duterte ended 2016 seeking to rebalance his nation's ties, improve the life of the average Filipino and make the Philippines -- a one-time economic and trade powerhouse -- great again."

That is our president and we, as Filipino are the proudest.