Viral: "Savage Girl" who tortures and uses children for Cyberporn finally arrested!

On January 24, 2017, the wanted lived-in partner of an Australian national who was captured in 2015 for child pornography has finally fell into the hands of authorities in Malapascua, Cebu. Liezyl Margallo, also known as the "Savage Girl" forces children to do sexual acts and also torture them for Cyber pornography. 

This 23-year old girl, as innocent and young looking as she is committed that kind of crime. 

According to reports, Margallo lures street children by promising them that they will be taken cared of. She also has 16 pending arrest warrants in Cagayan de Oro for trafficking. 

One of the videos confiscated was titled " Destruction of Daisy", the said video featured a 12-year old child hung upside down and Margallo herself pours wax on Daisy's private parts while being whipped with belt. This video is the most gruesome and no one in her right mind would do such abuse to a child.

This kind of crime should be punished with death penalty and maybe it is about time.

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