Saturday, January 28, 2017

Abomination: Priests having wives and Bacani allegedly has two?

According to the doctrine of the Catholic church only unmarried men can be appointed to priesthood as they need to swear an oath of celibacy with undivided heart and be closer to God as they serve Him.

However, in recent months, reports and scandals involving priests having relationships were exposed to the public. An example of this is the priest from Kaduna, north-western Nigeria. His secret marriage was revealed by his surviving wife. He both had children with his wives.

kaduna priest who had two wives/photo by sunnewsonline
And here, in the Philippines, we also have several cases of priests having wives, women or relationships. There was this priest from Bacolor, Pampanga named Father Crispin Cadiang who admitted his love affair with a woman whom he met in the  church.

While the most recent and controversial rumor, is the exposure of president Duterte about Archbishop Teodoro Bacani's darkest secret. The president stated that Bacani has two wives just like himself.

There is no hard evidence yet, however, in an article titled "A bishop's fall" and published by Aries Rufo through, the secretary of Bacani filed a harassment complaint against him sometime in March 2003.

Archbishop Bacani

How does the church calls this kind of act? Isn't it 'abomination'?