Sunday, January 29, 2017

Peter Scully: demands to get a VIP treatment in jail

According to Attorney Alejandro Jose Pallugna, the previous lawyer of the notorious pedophile Peter Scully, his client was very demanding even in prison. The latter would even demand of "special food" and his own electric fan.

"In a sense, he's a very demanding person" Pallugna told Cebu Daily news in an interview over the phone.

"At first, he instructed my staff to bring him karne norte, pork and beans, eggs, kilos of fresh pork. And then, he said it's hot inside the his cell so he needs an electric fan" he added.
Peter Scully being transferred to Lumbia City Jail, Cagayan de Oro where he would be detained/photo by Cebu Daily News/Photo taken on Feb. 20, 2015
However, the Jail Officers denied the said requests. 

Pallugna was the first lawyer who handled the case of Peter Scully, but because of many disagreement, he withdraw to defend the case.

When asked why, Pallugna explained that Scully was very controlling and would even instruct him on what he should do for the case which the lawyer could not take.

National Bureau of Investigation is said to have been monitoring the activities of Peter Scully inside the jail to ensure that he would not be able to continue his Cyberporn business even in jail.