Thursday, January 12, 2017

Leni disinvited by Malacanang: Not a big deal but should have shown some respect

Manila,Philippines - January 4, 2017 when palace retracted the invitation sent to Leni Robredo on December 28, 2016 stating that guests are limited.

The office of the Vice President through her Spokesperson Georgina Hernandez that it was not a big deal however, the administration could have at least shown respect to Leni Robredo's office.

When asked about the reason, Secretary of Communication Martin Andanar defends the palace that it is the President's prerogative who to invite inside his house. And it would be awkward to invite someone you don't like.

Looking on it, Leni is accused of plotting an ouster against Durterte together with Liberal Party members and she's also one of the president's biggest critic. As a conclusion, these reasons are enough not to let her join the said event inside the palace where the president is currently residing. 

And speaking of respect, you also have to respect others in order to gain respect for your self. Just remember the golden rule.