Thursday, January 19, 2017

Cory Leaks: Shocking documents from CIA, Cory's secret revealed

As a child during the people power or EDSA revolution days, I can’t really recall much of it. But there’s this hazy memory that I was on the rooftop of our small house in Navotas and saw fighting jets above the sky passing by. I was even fascinated then.

And just recently, that memory came back to life after reading a shocking news about an airstrike allegedly requested by Cory Aquino during her time as president. According to that report written by Carlos Munda of Mindanation, declassified documents were revealed by CIA containing strong information and evidence that Cory Aquino has requested for US backup against the rebels who were plotting ouster against her. This was after Marcos was ousted and replaced by her.

photo from mindanation

Now, it shed some light and saw the complete picture of that one cloudy childhood memory of mine. However, it is also disturbing that a president and some officials of the government considered the possibility of killing their own countrymen using the power of foreign nation via airstrike just to stay in the position.

The release of the said declassified documents was just in time because no one can ever hide a secret forever. Now, the tide has just turned and power is no longer theirs to keep.