Thursday, January 5, 2017

2017 Chinese Horoscope: Year of the Rooster

January 28 marks the beginning of the Chinese new year with the zodiac sign of Red Fire Rooster. The Chinese calendar states that this year is under the Female Fire Chicken year.

from Chinese fortune calendar

Chinese believe that Chicken is a Female Metal which is related to gold and other precious jewelry that shows or is related to luxury, wealth and beauty. Therefore, this year brings good luck in terms of financial aspects.

Rat - The year of the chicken will be a beneficial one for this sign. Business is also on the rat's side and more good news will come. However, they have to be more careful of being overworked and exhaustion.

Ox - Another beneficial sign for this year. Many Chinese calendar states that Ox will feel more relieved this year. This is also the best year for them to reap the fruits of their labor. They need to be careful of jealousy among friends that might cause further damage.

Tiger- People born under this sign might encounter some problems but will be more easy to overcome. They are also being warned to stay away from  other Tigers this year of the Chicken.

Rabbit- Those born under this sign should expect some changes this year. Luck is very little for them or is not that good. They may experience changes in terms of employment and relationship crisis, but will be able to surpass it. The only positive news for them is that they may attain some unexpected attainment of their goals.

Dragon - They should be careful in their business strategy though success in terms of money is in the air People under this sign will leave in harmony this year. They are also lucky to have strong connections.

Snake - the elements of the chicken is in favor for this sign this year. The long due fruits of their hard work may come into view thus will bring them joy. Issues within the family is also expected to decrease

Horse-  Yin Yang or proper balance for those born under the Horse. They can attract positive vibes and luck if they wish to but also will have the same effect as the opposite. Expect more of work promotions too.

Goat - There might be ups and downs this year for this sign but they should not give up and just let it pass. Possible love surprises may come. They may also suffer health problems if they can't take care of themselves.

Monkey- a favorable year for the monkeys, nice savings, financial status and even big projects at work will come their way. They should ensure to spend more time with family.

Rooster- there will be more positive energy for them as they represent their own year. Challenges and quarrels may come too common for them this year, but this is something they can easily surpass.

Dog- not a very good year for dogs but if they work harder, there might be breakthroughs. They need to pay attention to their family to avoid issues.

Pig- prediction for them is average luck, though there will be good development in terms of wealth compared last year. This year is also conducive for love if both sides will be understanding with each other.

Disclaimer: horoscopes are merely guides not the actual event, contents were taken from difference Chinese calendar sources.