Saturday, December 24, 2016

Madam Leni in New York to celebrate the holidays

Just recently, write ups were circulating in social media that Vice President Leni Robredo entered the United States, particularly New York, also she visited New Jersey and will eventually stay with "family" in Pennsylvania. Sources also said the she is planning to stay there until New Year. 

On the other hand, many are curious about the real purpose of her visiting New York first. The famous campaigner of VP Leni, in the name of Loida Nicholas is based in New York, isn't it interesting?

photo from Thinking Pinoy

President Rody Duterte also accused the billionaire Loida Nicholas of plotting his ouster. Why would he not? Loida, De lima and their bet for future "president" Leni Robredo has been pushing through their propaganda. 

Meanwhile, a typhoon is about to hit the Philippines in a few days and the Vice President is somewhere far away enjoying the Christmas. And the president is working his ass out to provide for his people. He is showing the overflowing love and concern for his beloved country.

While the rich and famous and corrupt Yellowtards are planning to oust him, injecting more toxin to this wounded nation caused by the previous leaders, of course,who else could it be? You guess it right, they are from the Liberal Party in which Leni Robredo is part of.

In the middle of the other side's black propaganda against President Duterte, people are becoming more vigilant and concerned for their chosen president. How? simply because there is an overflowing support from the social media, protecting Duterte. 

photo from Mocha Uson Blog

Recently, it has been observed too by many that mainstream media are blatantly showing and creating bias news. Once, I saw abs cbn posted something sarcastic about the saging na saba that was served to the journalists, "Saging na saba, anyone?". This media body also delivers news blaming EJK for every death incidents in the country. What happened to them? Are they being paid to do it? or maybe, the rich and famous own some stocks of these big butts?

Even the ombudsman is obviously showing her yellow shadow and color. She would immediately act if cases filed is against the president and his allies but she was either blind or deaf whenever the required action is about De lima's and the cases of previous administration. 

How come that there this kind of people, they are the so called rich, famous and powerful. They would show concern at first and even call themselves with funny nicknames during the campaign like "Mr. Palengke" only to steal from the poor and burden the county with more debts.

As an observant and Filipino, I grew up seeing how dirty the nature of the politics in the Philippines was. Even the rallies here and there are said to be paid. They would go around the city with their banners telling the current leader to resign, complaining this and that.  

And then, I used my right to vote for the very first time. I voted for Mayor Duterte for I was astound by his genuine love for Davao and now, for the entire nation. I know, it is not only me, many of us, Filipinos are supporting our president till the end of his fight, our fight. 

photo from Mocha Uson Blog