Thursday, December 29, 2016

Leni and Bolet: Just rumors or another frailties of a woman?

Stories and photos are now circulating on Facebook about the alleged relationship of Vice President Leni Robredo to Congressman Bolet Banal. Sources said that the latter had helped Leni during the campaign and he also seemed so close to her even before the late DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo died. 

photo credit to owner

Now, since the widowed Robredo was enraged of the "smooth knee" comment made by the president a month ago if you recall, how about the arms of Bolet Banal wrapped around her? Is is not close enough to be considered as inappropriate advances as she calls it?

This behavior of her is something we don't understand. The photo above was taken days before the election and Banal was obviously too close to be called a platonic or "just" friends relationship. If Leni is practicing a conventional probinsyana type, modest, and demure, then why did she allow this and did not event react?

Reports said that Bonel Banal is a married man as there were no signs or records that he had his marriage to a certain Carmela C. Banal annulled.  

People are also speculating if she and Banal are together on a vacation in United States? We just hope not. 

If this is indeed true, this is going to be the real 2.0 version of De Lima's "frailties of a woman". Being a self-proclaimed moralist, people are expecting her to practice what she preaches. And because of these maybe facts-or-rumor- news in social media, she was also dragged into being pregnant.

photo credit to owner

People of the Philippines are now unmasking Leni Robredo's hypocrisy.  Recently, sources revealed a new white BMW, tagaytay house, signature wardrobe and US travel, all of these are allegedly owned by Leni, who is someone from the laylayan. How come a woman with "payak" or simple lifestyle so extravagant? and why is the Ombudsman so quiet about her US tour? 

Let us wait for more revelations about your Lady of Naga. We will no longer accept hypocrisy. If she truly cares for the Filipino people as she claims, then, she should start working with the president and leave the bunch of crocs of the Liberal Party. Then people might accept her honesty, even for being frail.