Duterte to fire more officials next week over corruption

President Rodrigo Duterte / photo from CNN Philippines 

Manila, Philippines – President Rodrigo Duterte announced that he will be firing more government officials next week.

In a speech delivered to the National Federation of the Motorcycle Clubs of the Philippines in Iloilo City, the Chief Executive said he will fire more people because of corruption.

“Kaya ako pagbalik ko (That’s why when I get back), maybe tomorrow, I’ll be firing a lot of people simply for corruption,” the President said

Duterte cited that mere asking for applicants to keep coming back to process their papers is already a form of corruption.

"The authority to convert is given to a single person tapos pabalik-balikin mo ang tao (and then you make people return) for two years, for me that is corruption," he said.

“To me, that is corruption. Nothing else. Ang meaning niyan (What that means) is you want money so he has to go back and forth,” he said.

“That’s a warning. Pati dito sa baba, kayong mga director, lahat (Even for you in the lower ranks, the directors, everyone), national agencies. You only have 15 days to process,” he added.

The President also reminded the public to immediately report to him if they encounter corrupt officials.

“Any businessman, any — any Filipino or foreigner doing business here or even a tourist, if it involves corruption, let me know,” Duterte said

“Go to MalacaƱan at any time. Ang sabihin mo lang sa guwardiya (Just tell the guard): ‘I have to report to the mayor that I was a victim of corruption,’ and I will entertain you and I will solve it for you,” he added.

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