Leni Robredo shrugs off "Naga Leaks"`

After the expose of the blogger group named "We are collective" about "Naga Leaks" as it went viral on social media, Vice President Leni Robredo just shrug off the issue. She also told the reporters last Friday that she can't be silenced. 

“Yung paglabas ng kung anong leaks yan, ito ay attempt para i-silence tayo (These supposed leaks are attempts to silence us),” she said.

Furthermore, We are Collective revealed another shocking news about Butch Robredo, one of Jesse Robredo's brother, also Leni's brother in law,  who is allegedly the biggest drug lord in Naga City.  

Photo credits to the owner/Butch and Leni Robredo

After Rodrigo Duterte won the election last year, Butch Robredo is said to have fled to US. But this is just one of the revelations. 

The highlights of Naga Leaks scandal according to We are Collective are as follows:

  1. Jesse Robredo was the protector of Jueteng in Naga being run by one his close friends. 
  2. Jesse Robredo created an image for himself by wearing shorts, slippers, helping people in the streets and pretending that he's living a simple life to capture the hearts of the people in Naga.
  3. A former ally and councilor named Emilio Aguinaldo went missing after filing cases against Jesse Robredo.
  4. Butch Robredo is allegedly the biggest drug lord in Naga.
  5. Leni and Jesse Robredo own a building and a condominium worth of millions in Timog that were not declared in their SALN. These properties were said to be named under Robredo's mother.

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